Friday, May 6, 2011

Web Spotlight: Pleasant Hill Granary

From their website: 

"For centuries whole grain has been recognized as "The Staff of Life." Modern industrial processing techniques strip virtually everything healthful from our foods — but you can restore nutrition and character to your diet, and the best place to start is with quality grains, freshly ground in your kitchen. We've chosen the grain mills below as the finest in the world based on their performance, versatility & durability — and the letters we receive from our customers about their new mills have consistently affirmed their outstanding qualities and value. Baking and cooking with whole grains is easy and successful with the kitchen tools & learning resources available at Pleasant Hill Grain" 

If you're looking for grinders, meat slicers, and other fine kitchen equipment, Pleasant Hill Grain is a great site to visit! Thank you to Bev for this great resource!

Pleasant Hill Grain Website

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