Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Group Buy: Emergency Essentials - (May)

Emergency Essentials posted their 'Group Buy' items for the month of May! Here they are just in case you didn't receive their email:

Freeze-Dried Peach Dices - $15.00 for 12 or more <-------- This is a great deal on peaches!!
Strawberry-Flavored Apple Chips - $9.00 for 12 or more (Click here to read a consumer review of this product)
1-Day MRE Supply - $10.00 for 12 or more  (Click here to see the contents of this product)
Freeze-Dried Banana Dices - $16.00 for 12 or more
Whole Egg Powder - $14.00 for 12 or more
161-Piece First Aid Kit - $15.00 for 6 or more (Click here to see the contents of this kit)

And just a reminder - I'll be taking orders until the 15th of the month. See this blog post for details on how to order/how to pay. You can pay online with a credit/debit card or in person/by mail with a check or cash.

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  1. Laura, I sent you an e-mail and a FB message with my new order.
    Thanks, Marianne