Tuesday, October 4, 2011

October Dry-Pack Night

October's DRY-PACK DEADLINE is fast approaching! THIS Sunday, the 9th, is the last day to sign up. We will be canning the following items:

Spaghetti - $5.00/can
Refried Beans - $5.00/can
Hot Cocoa Mix - $10.75/can
Dry Pack will be held Thursday, October 13th at 6:00pm.
**The Grange Association donates the building to us each month FOR FREE. To say thank you, we have volunteered to clean the building the same night as dry-pack. Even if you are not participating in canning this time, we would appreciate any help possible to clean the grange Thursday evening. The Grange Regional Conference is being held there on the following Saturday, and it is imperative that we leave them with a sparkling clean building to welcome their guests. Thank you in advance for your service!**

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