Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Food Preservation: Dehydrating Frozen Vegetables

This is something I had never put much thought into, believe it or not. 

I picked up 2 bags of frozen veggies from Winco for a whoppin' $0.78 a piece!! Look out!! 

Just threw them on the dehydrator trays...

And a few hours later...

Voila! We have dehydrated peas and carrots!! 
I'm thinkin' fried rice... mmmmmm... 

In the photo above, you're seeing 2 small bag's worth. It would take probably 6 of those bags to fill a #10 can, which means you're looking at an overall cost of just over $5.00/per can (that's including the cost of the can and oxygen absorber.)

Dehydrated veggies like this, hermetically sealed, will last around 10 years. Not bad! Not bad!

Boiled a tablespoon of the little guys in some water, just to be sure I'd like them after they were reconstituted. 

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  1. Your last sentence answered the question I had! I might have to try this!!! Thanks for the great idea.