Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Danae's Deals of the Week: Introductions!!

Oh our Nae Nae... how we love her!!!!

Danae Winder will now be sending me 'Deals of the Week' as she scours markets for the BEST deals out there!!!! I'm so excited I could scream!!

This week's deals:

Flour $6.08/25 lb bag (that's $.24/lb) - AMAZING DEAL ALERT!
Corn Syrup $1.78/ qt.

Also to note...

Danae and I hit the stores a couple weeks back to update her food price comparison chart. A few of you may have already seen this - it's FABULOUS!! It compares the price of common bulk foods between Winco, Cash-N-Carry, and the Bishop's Storehouse. I will also be adding a column for Azure Standard, an online food co-op. Anyways, after making the rounds, here are Danae's notes on a few important things:

Rice has gone up- quite a bit. In October the cheapest long grain rice was $.29/lb and now the cheapest is $.40/lb. (!!!)

Popcorn has gone up too. In October it was $.39/lb and now it is $.46/lb.

But beans have gone down a little bit. In Oct the cheapest prices were:
pinto: $.50/lb  
white: $.56/lb  
black: $.52/lb
kidney: $.80/lb

And now:
pinto: $.48/lb
white: $.50/lb
black: $.52/lb
kidney: $.77/lb

Excellent!! Thank you Danae!!!!

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  1. I so miss Winco... somehow I need to convince them to become WincoT and then I too can share in on the amazing deals. ;o)