Saturday, September 3, 2011

Ladies Night Out: Food Storage Sampler

Every once in awhile, a group of crazy Oregon gals gets together for Ladies Night Out. It should, however, really be called Ladies Night IN, because we never go anywhere. We just commandeer someone's home, and spend time with one another talking about babies and birth, marriage and husbands, the gospel, and of course, food. Food, food, food, food. It's what we do best. 

A month or three ago *ahem - pay no mind that I'm just NOW getting to writing a post on this* the lovely Naomi Raven and I had an idea for a special Ladies Night In. A food storage sampler! We would buy a bunch of food storage from WalMart and taste test it. All of it. Below you will find the results... 

The ever-amazing Naomi opened her home to us for this event. She has to be one of the coolest women I have ever known! 


Click on an item to view nutrition information and cooking directions

Creamy Potato Soup (using the creamy soup base)
Dipping Veggies with cheese sauce (using the cheese powder)
French Dip Sandwiches: Au jus (using the MSG-FREE beef bullion)
Homemade Rolls (using the vital gluten powder)
 Chocolate Shakes (using the Morning Moo chocolate drink powder)
WHIPPED CREAM on top (using the heavy cream powder
Sparkling Peach Punch (with peach drink powder)

And now for a photo summary of the evening... 

Naomi's yummy rolls...

I can smell them.. all over again... Mmmmm...

Daddy came to get the baby so he could go to bed. Good daddy!

Man shall not live by bread alone... but it dang sure helps!! ; p

Oh. Yes.

The gals chatting...

The cheese sauce was a little scary. It tastes great, I assure you, 
but you'd better want cheese REALLY bad because it is not aesthetically pleasing whatsoever!!

The soup base was DELICIOUS! We added absolutely no spices, no salt, etc - it was wonderful by itself. A great must-have for every emergency pantry!!

We made chocolate shakes with the "Morning Moo" and ice cream. SO good.

Some of the ladies and their chitlins...



One Word: Spiff-E Whip... Okay two words. Kind of.

And our fizzy peach drink. YUM!

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