Wednesday, May 18, 2011

FREE Chicken Clinic @ McKenzie Feed

McKenzie Feed & Pet Supply is holding an event tonight!!
Today! May 18 at 6:30 pm
Experts to answer your chick, chicken and egg questions. Housing, Care and Health
Nutrena Expert answers feeding Questions Organic and free range.
Veterinarian Supply answers Health and Care questions
and then just good old fashioned been there done that info, the easy way.

McKenzie Feed & Pet Supply
4343 Main St.
Springfield, OR 97478

McKenzie Feed's Facebook Page

From their website: 

"Our mission is to create an honest, caring and forthright business based on sound business practices and ecomomic stability. Our promise to our customers is to provide interactive customer service by problem solving, keeping accurate purchase history and educating on current nutrition which allows the customer to keep the ideal of owning their pet, horse or livestock, affordable and realistic." 

Friday, May 6, 2011

Web Spotlight: Pleasant Hill Granary

From their website: 

"For centuries whole grain has been recognized as "The Staff of Life." Modern industrial processing techniques strip virtually everything healthful from our foods — but you can restore nutrition and character to your diet, and the best place to start is with quality grains, freshly ground in your kitchen. We've chosen the grain mills below as the finest in the world based on their performance, versatility & durability — and the letters we receive from our customers about their new mills have consistently affirmed their outstanding qualities and value. Baking and cooking with whole grains is easy and successful with the kitchen tools & learning resources available at Pleasant Hill Grain" 

If you're looking for grinders, meat slicers, and other fine kitchen equipment, Pleasant Hill Grain is a great site to visit! Thank you to Bev for this great resource!

Pleasant Hill Grain Website

Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Group Buy: Emergency Essentials - (May)

Emergency Essentials posted their 'Group Buy' items for the month of May! Here they are just in case you didn't receive their email:

Freeze-Dried Peach Dices - $15.00 for 12 or more <-------- This is a great deal on peaches!!
Strawberry-Flavored Apple Chips - $9.00 for 12 or more (Click here to read a consumer review of this product)
1-Day MRE Supply - $10.00 for 12 or more  (Click here to see the contents of this product)
Freeze-Dried Banana Dices - $16.00 for 12 or more
Whole Egg Powder - $14.00 for 12 or more
161-Piece First Aid Kit - $15.00 for 6 or more (Click here to see the contents of this kit)

And just a reminder - I'll be taking orders until the 15th of the month. See this blog post for details on how to order/how to pay. You can pay online with a credit/debit card or in person/by mail with a check or cash.

Group Buy: Emergency Essentials - HOW TO

You want to be a part of the Emergency Essentials Group Buy? No problem! The Group Buy is open to anyone in our area (Eugene/Springfield and surrounding) - no religious affiliation required!

If you would like any of these items, you can let me know in one of 3 ways:

1. Email me -
2. Send me a message on Facebook
3. Let me know via comment on this blog


Orders will be taken until the 15th of each month.

At that time, I will go over what has been ordered to make sure we've met the minimum on each item.


If we are short on an item, I will let you know so you can either: a)withdraw your order or b)order more of that item to meet the minimum.

Once I have finalized the order, I will begin taking money. All items need to be paid for by the 20th of each month.

You can pay for your items using several methods:

1. Pay by check or cash in person.
2. Pay by check or cash via mail (37486 Hills Creek Road Springfield, OR 97478)
3. Pay with a credit/debit card online using PayPal. (See info below.)

No PayPal Account is necessary. Just click on the donate button below, and remember - there is a fee when paying with PayPal, so please check the chart below and add the correct amount to your original total when paying. Questions? Email me -

PayPal Fee Chart:
$1 - $50 =         $1.50 fee
$51 - $100 =     $3.00 fee
$100 - $200 =   $6.00 fee
$201 - $300 =   $10.00 fee
$301 - $400+ = $15.00 fee

When you order, please provide me with an email address so I can send you important information regarding the order.

I hope this makes sense! Let me know if you have any questions!!